Drilling Mud Fluids Decanter Centrifuges For Drilling Waste Management

Mud Decanter Centrifuges Characteristics:1. Large amount of mud production; 2. Easy to separate; 3. Adapted to the bad scene; 4. High degree of automation; 5. Stable operation performance

Product Details

Mud fluids is a suspension liquid containing a certain amount of fine mud particles. Mud effect depends on its composition and the local conditions. It generally has the following effects: appearance: khaki, uniform and sticky, long time static without layer separation, the proportion: 1.2-1.46 (including the proportion of sand of 1.6), mud content of 20% -30%, PH value of 6-7. This mud is from the construction piling, sand lot, tunnel caves, mine tailings and so on.
Improper handling of construction mud will pollute the environment, resulting in a large number of soil erosion, silting the river, affecting water quality, destruction of municipal facilities.

Mud Decanter Centrifuges Characteristics
1. Large amount of mud production
2. Easy to separate
3. Adapted to the bad scene
4. High degree of automation
5. Stable operation performance

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