High Configuration Oilfield Drilling Mud Decanter Centrifuge

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Industrial oilfield drilling mud decanter centrifuge, the host is composed of column - cone drum, auger stripper, differential system, Bearing base, base, shell, the main and auxiliary motor and electrical system. Under the strong centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation of the centrifuge, the coal wastewater is carried out continuous dehydration for 24 hours a day. The main motor rotates the drum through V-belt. The differential speed between drum and screw is realized through the planetary gear differential mechanism and auxiliary motor to achieve the function of coal mine wastewater separation and pushing material. Centrifuge has two kinds of automatic control functions, that is, the differential rotation rate control and torque control. Because the solid content rate of coal wastewater feed may fluctuate, differential rotation speed control system is to ensure the differential rotation rate stability, to achieve a constant dryness of mud. The use of constant torque control makes centrifuge load in a stable state, making the separation effect or usage with flocculant in the best condition, which can guarantee reliable and safe operation of the centrifuge well.

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