New Type Fruit Juice/ Vegetable Oil/ Food Decanter Centrifuge

New Type Fruit Juice/ Vegetable Oil/ Food Decanter Centrifuge
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Food decanter centrifuge is used widely in food industry, such as sugar and molasses separation, cream separation in sugar industry; dehalogenation of salt in salt industry; starch and protein separation in starch industry; oil refining in the oil industry; clarification of beer, juice and beverage; separation of mandarin oil and yeast; starch dehydration; pre-dehydration of blanching vegetable in dehydrated vegetables production; recycle of plant protein; refining of food, which all use centrifuges.

As the main stage of production: such as making starch from the starch water, extracting cream or skimmed milk from milk, separate crystal from mother liquor to prepare pure crystal food.
1.Improve the purity of products: such as milk purification to remove particulate solids
2.Recycling valuable substances: such as separation of milk powder from particulate solid aerosols.
3.For safe production: such as the separation of smoke and other harmful substances in production.

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