High Quality High Speed 3 Phase Separation Decanter Centrifuge On Sale

High Quality High Speed 3 Phase Separation Decanter Centrifuge On Sale
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High Speed 3 Phase Separation Decanter Centrifuge
The company specializes in producing energy-saving LWJ horizontal sedimentation screw automatic discharge energy-saving centrifuge, it’s a series of centrifuge product reaching international advanced level, developed, improved by our plant based on introducing and digesting the foreign advanced technology. Compared with the traditional separation equipment (such as: belt filter, frame-type, box-type filter press) , it has the features of wider application, cleaner working environment, better dehydration performance, lower overall cost of operation, better overall effect, and thus it has been widely used in various industries in recent years, and is classified as the preferred equipment for solid-liquid separation. Dedicated centrifuge for beneficiation: a new type of mineral processing and effluent treatment equipment, with simple operation, complete technical parameters, which is wearproof and durable!

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