High Speed 3-phase Horizontal Spiral Unloading Decanter Centrifuge Separator Equipment

High Speed 3-phase Horizontal Spiral Unloading Decanter Centrifuge Separator Equipment
Product Details

High speed 3-phase horizontal spiral unloading decanter centrifuge can be clarified for 0.002-3mm material, dehydrated or fractionated to solid particles of 1um-5um. With a wide range of applications, continuous work, processing capacity, low cost, easy maintenance and other characteristics, is the best solid-liquid separation equipment. Widely used in chemical industry, light industry, medicine, food, paper, mining and other industries.
1. Differential high precision, compact structure, smooth operation, high security.
2. The main bearing imported bearings, to ensure its operation accuracy, easy to operate.
3. With the material contact with the use of high-quality stainless steel materials.
4. The machine has a variety of safety overload protection device to ensure safe production.
5. The whole system is designed with ordinary type and explosion-proof type to meet different requirements.
6. Large aspect ratio, high speed, with a variety of angles of the drum cone structure.
7. Spiral pusher with hard alloy material for hard surface treatment, wear resistance.
8. Rack can be designed according to user needs into a low center of gravity, high bracket, mobile.
9. With BD plate spiral structure, to adapt to the activated sludge dehydration and difficult to separate the material.
10. According to the actual requirements can be matched, dual-frequency and intelligent automatic control system.

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