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3 phase decanter centrifuge process

Dec 25, 2017

3 phase decanter centrifuge in the process of operation mainly by the liquid phase clarification, grading, concentration and other processes. Equipment in the gravitational field, in the container with a mixture of light and heavy liquid and solid particles in the use of its gravity due to its role, after standing for some time, there will be stratification, The largest proportion of solid particles will sink to the bottom of the container.

3 phase decanter centrifuge separation liquid specific gravity in the two solids to be separated between the specific gravity of the solid particles to be separated in the separation of the dispersion. Drum and spiral to the same high-speed rotation in the same direction, the material into the screw through the feed tube, from the feed inlet into the drum. Under centrifugal force, a large proportion of solid particles deposited on the drum wall to form a sediment layer, a small proportion of solid particles form the inner layer, the separation fluid in the sediment layer and the inner layer to form a liquid-phase ring, starting from the drum wall inward For the large proportion of solid-phase layer, liquid layer and a small proportion of solid-phase layer, the liquid phase overflow from the large end of the drum overflow.

3 phase decanter centrifuge drum and the spiral to the same high-speed rotation in the same direction, the material is mainly through its material effectively into the spiral tube, the feed inlet effectively into the drum, the device in the centrifugal force The heavier solid material is deposited on the drum wall to form a sediment layer. The spiral solid material is continuously pushed to the cone end of the drum and discharged out of the machine through the slag discharge opening. The lighter liquid material forms the inner liquid ring, continuously overflowing the drum from the large end overflow of the drum, and is discharged out of the machine through the discharge port.

The specific separation process of the three-phase decanter centrifuge is that the sludge and flocculant liquid are fed into the mixing chamber of the rotating drum through the inlet pipe, mixed flocculation is performed here, if the dosing before the sludge pump or the pipeline dosing after the pump, The flocculation reaction has been advanced. Due to the high-speed rotation and frictional resistance of the rotor, the sludge is accelerated inside the rotor and forms a cylindrical liquid ring layer. Under the action of centrifugal force, the solid particles with larger specific gravity settle to the inner wall of the drum to form a mud layer.