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3-phase decanter centrifuge product description and application

Feb 08, 2018

The so-called 3-phase decanter centrifuge, mainly refers to the three-phase material separation equipment. And according to the different density of the material, under the action of centrifugal force, the 3-phase decanter centrifuge can realize solid, liquid and liquid three-phase separation. Usually according to different requirements, the drum size can be designed for 14-inch, 18-inch and 22-inch.


It should be noted that, in order to ensure the treatment effect of the 3-phase decanter centrifuge to achieve the standard of three-phase separation, then the first solid-phase material to be clearly the heaviest part, the other two liquids should also have different densities at the same time. In fact, the structure and working principle of this three-phase centrifuge are similar to two-phase centrifuges, with the main difference being the discharge of the liquid phase. In the use of three-phase centrifuges, the high-density liquid phase is discharged by pressure and the low-density liquid phase is discharged without pressure.


So how does this device work? First, after the suspension (containing two liquid phases and a solid phase) enters the 3-phase decanter and is expanded by a few thousand times depending on the centrifugal field, the solid phase is subsided by the action of centrifugal force. Two Liquid also appears stratified, in order to achieve solid - liquid - liquid three-phase separation. In addition, under the action of special agencies were discharged body.


And in the 3-phase sedimentation centrifuge operation, under normal circumstances, the entire feed and the separation process are continuous, closed, automatically completed. The device is mainly composed of drum, screw, differential, frame, casing, motor and other components. Drum which uses double-angle design, drum inner wall specially designed longitudinal grooves, used to improve the efficiency of helical delivery of solid phase.


So, in practice, 3-phase decanter centrifuge can be used to deal with what material? First of all, can be used in refineries, such as the realization of the oil tank waste oil separation, extraction of animal and vegetable oils and so on. Or the use of 3-phase sedimentation centrifuge separation of wheat starch and gluten for the manufacture of starch.