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A brief introduction to the product performance of the fruit juice centrifuge separator

Nov 23, 2017

From the structural aspect, the fruit juice centrifuge separator is mainly composed of drum, screw conveyor, differential mechanism, under frame, main bearing, liquid solid phase collection cavity, loam cake, motor transmission machine and frequency converter and other components.


Analyzing from the actual application , during the operation of the fruit juice centrifuge separator, the material will be subjected to a larger centrifugal force, so the solid particles with a large proportion will gradually be deposited on the inner wall of the drum, and ultimately with the spiral drive, and out of the exhaust machine. The other portion of the lighter fluid will be further clarified after the separation blade, and then discharged from the drum overflow hole and liquid phase collection cover piece.


From the operation process, the whole separation process of the fruit juice centrifuge separator realizes the continuous automatic separation operation. For the users, the machine not only has good separation performance, but also occupies a small area. All the parts contacting with the material are made of high-quality stainless steel, so it can ensure the quality of the product. The equipment can also separate the pumace, peel and juice in the juice, and finally realize the material extraction.


In addition, with the help of the fruit juice centrifuge separator, we can also concentrate, separate and clarify the juice. According to different requirements, it can be divided into clear juice and turbid juice. In general, the equipment has a more obvious advantage in similar products. In addition to performance stability and reliability, the price can also be accepted by most users. With the advanced design technology, easy operation and maintenance, it can keep the automatic continuous work, so it is very popular with consumers.


In the current market, in order to meet the needs of different users, the models and specifications are more and more abundant. Users can combine their own actual needs for flexible selection.