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A Tricks to Improve the Working Efficiency of Water treatment decanter centrifuge

Sep 28, 2017

In practical work, users want to be able to improve the efficiency of water treatment decanter centrifuge, then what is a good way to meet this requirement? First of all, in the premise of ensuring safe work, such as dealing with non-corrosive or less corrosive materials, you can properly upgrade the water treatment sedimentation centrifuge separation drum speed.


In this way, to a certain extent, to play a role in improving its efficiency. Second, if the effective increase in the water treatment decanter centrifuge drum filter area, then it can also enhance its separation efficiency. Therefore, we can test from this aspect to achieve the purpose, the specific methods are the following:

The first is to install a filter lining, so that the water treatment to ensure that the settling of the centrifuge between the drum to retain a smaller gap, you can improve the permeability; the second is the use of V-type filter Baffle, which is mainly to increase its cross-sectional area. The third, can be appropriate to extend the material centrifugal separation time. If necessary, we can also take a small amount of dehydration method.

This can also significantly improve the quality of the separation of water treatment decanter centrifuge. In addition, in practice, we must pay attention to the pretreatment operation. Especially in the handling of some viscous materials in the process, should ensure that meet the requirements of the process, to take appropriate pretreatment measures.

The last measure is to improve the separation capacity of the water treatment settling centrifuge by increasing the particle size of the solid phase material. For example, in the case of maintaining the same process, you can add the right amount of flocculant, coagulant or precipitant and other agents to improve the efficiency of Water treatment decanter centrifuge separation.


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