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Advantages and Centrifugal Effects of centrifuge for wastewater treatment

Dec 20, 2018

The centrifuge is used for wastewater treatment. In the sewage treatment industry, the sludge will be effectively concentrated and digested, and will have a moisture content of 95% to 96%, and the volume is still large. In order to further comprehensively utilize and dispose of the sludge, it must be dehydrated to increase the solid content of the mud cake. Generally, the sludge dewatering equipment commonly used in large and medium-sized sewage treatment plants includes a vacuum filter, a filter press and a centrifugal dewatering machine, and the centrifugal dewatering machine has continuous production, convenient operation, high degree of automation, good sanitary conditions, small floor space, etc. Advantages, the current application prospects are increasing.

The centrifuge is used in the process of wastewater treatment. It is mainly composed of a discharge screw conveyor with a hollow shaft and a rotating drum. During operation, the solid-liquid mixture in the centrifuge rotates at a high speed by a high-speed rotation of the rotary drum and the discharge screw, and a high centrifugal force is generated to form a liquid ring. Under this high centrifugal force, the sedimentation and separation of the solid-liquid mixture is accelerated. Among them, the solid particles with heavier specific gravity settle on the outer ring of the liquid ring layer, that is, the mud ring layer is formed along the inner wall of the drum.

When the centrifuge is used in wastewater treatment, the drum rotates in the same direction as the unloading spiral, but there is a certain difference in rotation speed between the two, so that the unloading spiral pushes the separated dry mud out of the rotary body, and the filtrate is led out through the bank outlet. Exhausted from the body. The process of feeding, separating, and discharging the filtrate and dry mud from the centrifuge is continuous and in a fully enclosed environment, and the sludge, filtrate and odor do not overflow from the machine.