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Advantages and dewatering principles of decanter centrifuge for sludge treatment

Dec 21, 2017

Decanter centrifuge for sludge treatment in the use of its composition and the overall integrated performance, in the use of effective combination of its commissioning and application of the experiment, when used in the design of the equipment should pay attention to the design Some issues such as the layout of its process piping, centrifuge processing can record the determination of equipment and equipment to determine the concentration of mud, flocculant dosing points to determine the matching level measuring instrument selection and other issues are discussed.

Decanter centrifuge for sludge treatment has its dehydration mud cake moisture content is low, so that will make the management and maintenance easier and more convenient. The whole equipment is mainly used in its fully enclosed structure, the flocculant dosing device, flocculation Pumps, sludge pumps, automatic control systems are supplied with the centrifuge, with the support of the automatic control system, sludge dewatering system can run all the equipment, process parameters, such as continuous monitoring.

Decanter centrifuge for sludge treatment to some extent, can effectively observed in real time sludge mud tank level and sludge pump operating conditions, and real-time adjustments as needed. Equipment in the automatic control system to support the formation of an organic whole, the mutual cooperation between the equipment performance is very good, therefore, the best choice of equipment in the form can choose complete sets of equipment, try to avoid using only the host centrifuge and the other choice flocculant preparation System, sludge feed screw pump, dosing screw pump.

Sludge treatment Decanter centrifuge effective through its valve switch, when in use can still effectively ensure the operation of its sludge dewatering system, when used in its mixing point of the flocculant and sludge either in the centrifuge Machine entrance, you can also choose to enter the sludge feed screw pump.

Sludge treatment decanter centrifuge due to uneven force will produce vibration, it is necessary to carry out regular cleaning, cleaning is the use of a dedicated high-pressure water cannons on the supernatant backwash, its length close to the drum total length, so in the centrifuge Machine plane layout, should leave enough space for cleaning.