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Advantages and structural characteristics of fish oil decanter centrifuge

Dec 26, 2018

Advantages of using fish oil decanter centrifuge

1. The thermal shock to the material is minimal

2. Short processing time

3. Excellent technology

4. Technical know-how and rich experience

5. Tailored for customers

6. Excellent quality of recovered fish oil - high sales value

7. Reduce or even completely save waste disposal costs

8. The processing system is compact in design and cost-effective – tailored to customer requirements

Structural features of fish oil decanter centrifuge

1. The conveying screw adopts special anti-wear measures, which can spray-weld hard alloy protective layer or insert hard alloy resistant sheet;

2. Large aspect ratio and high speed. a drum cone structure having various angles;

3. Cycloidal pinwheel, planetary gear or hydraulic differential with heavy load and large transmission ratio can be selected;