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Application characteristics of different separation operations of horizontal spiral centrifuge

Jun 23, 2020

For users, the horizontal spiral centrifuge is convenient and practical, which can greatly improve the production efficiency. And under normal circumstances, the equipment is kept automatic, continuous operation, without filter screen and filter cloth, can operate for a long time, and convenient maintenance. In addition, the horizontal spiral centrifuge has good adaptability and a wide range of applications, and can be used to complete different separation operations.

So, in practical applications, how does the horizontal spiral centrifuge perform in different working situations?
First, horizontal spiral centrifuges can be used to complete the requirements of solid-phase dehydration. In solid-phase dehydration, the equipment can easily separate materials, and its dehydration effect is as good as that of filter centrifuge. Moreover, for some suspensions containing compressible solid phase, the separation effect on the filter centrifuge is very poor, and even cannot be separated. The separation process can be completed using the device.
Second, the horizontal spiral centrifuge can also be used for liquid phase clarification. Judging from the actual application effect, after processing by the equipment, a relatively dry sediment can be obtained, and the allowable solid concentration of the suspension is much higher than that of the separator. A
Third, horizontal spiral centrifuges can also be used to separate suspensions whose solid phase is heavier than the liquid phase. Usually this kind of material is separated by filter centrifuge, but when the solid phase is compressible material or filter cloth is difficult to clean and regenerate, only rely on this slightly improved centrifuge for separation.
Fourth, liquid-liquid-solid separation can also be accomplished using horizontal spiral centrifuges. For example, in the production process, when the liquid-liquid-solid mixture with a solid phase content greater than 14% is difficult to separate on a disc separator. Generally, this kind of material should be separated by liquid-solid separation, and then liquid-liquid separation, and the equipment can directly separate the solid phase from the light and heavy liquid phase at one time.

It is also possible to use a horizontal spiral centrifuge to classify solid objects according to particle size. The equipment has great adaptability to materials, a wide range of solid phase particle size that can be separated, and can achieve good separation effect under the condition of uneven particle size.