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Application of Centrifuge in Tannery Wastewater Treatment

Jun 08, 2017

Tannery production is mainly wet operation, through the physical, chemical and mechanical effects will be processed into a variety of raw materials into leather. Because most of the work of water as a medium to participate in the preliminary statistics for each production of 1 ton of raw material to discharge 60 to 120 tons of waste water. Tannery production process there is a huge amount of water consumption and sewage demand, tannery wastewater is difficult to manage a class of industrial wastewater. Decanter centrifuge applied to the tannery wastewater treatment, is the technical progress.

Analysis of tannery wastewater, sewage mainly from the tanning production of wet operation preparation section and tanning section, including leather soaking section of immersion wastewater, degreasing section of waste water, soaking and dewashing waste water, acid pickling wastewater, chrome tanning process Waste water and stained fat on the wastewater, which allows the convergence of waste water containing a lot of organic matter (protein, dyes, oil), inorganic (such as sulfide chromium salt) and slag sludge and other sediment harmful substances. Practice shows that the use of decanter centrifuge to participate in tannery wastewater treatment can achieve good economic and environmental benefits. Not only to change the working environment of leather processing places, so that the pollutants stable compliance, and the cost per ton of wastewater treatment can be reduced by nearly half, to achieve a win-win environmental and economic benefits.

Decanter centrifuge to participate in tannery wastewater treatment ideas:

Tannery wastewater - coarse filter pretreatment - dosing - decanter centrifuge solid - liquid separation - material recycling.

Decanter centrifuge to participate in tannery wastewater treatment body steps:

According to the different tannery technology analysis of the general composition of sewage, artificial control by biochemical methods, so that the decomposition of organic components, inorganic ingredients dosing flocculation sedimentation with a decanter centrifuge solid-liquid separation. After the purification of water quality standards continue to use, organic ingredients compost for fertilizer.

 Decanter centrifuge to participate in tannery wastewater treatment station settings:

The main facilities are grille, pre-conditioning pool, primary settling tank, oxidation ditch, secondary sedimentation tank, flotation tank, sludge concentration tank, sludge scum recovery facilities and pharmaceutical dosing facilities;

Pretreatment: The waste water can be trapped by a large number of fine grids, iron oxide and suspended solids, it can achieve the purpose of continuous removal of various shapes of small debris, follow-up processing equipment to run the normal operation to reduce the follow-up structure of the load ;

Precipitation adjustment: waste water through the grille after treatment into the regulation pool, which adjust the amount of water and water quality through the oil tanker to the oil to the oil;