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Application of horizontal screw decanter centrifuge and its working principle and parameters

Jun 26, 2019

Horizontal screw decanter centrifugee, which may be called horizontal screw decanter centrifuge, is a specific type of centrifuge, and it is used in some industries and fields, so it needs to be familiar and understood. How to use it correctly and reasonably, to make full use of the product and avoid waste.


1. Application industry and application range of horizontal screw decanter centrifuge

Food industry: slag removal in juice production, de-soy of soy protein, dehydration of peanut protein, scouring of animal and vegetable oils, and dehydration of fishmeal and bone glue.

Petrochemical industry: grading of older soils, grading of drilled mud, clarification of sulphuric acid, clarification of coal tar, and dehydration of dyes and barium sulphate.

Environmental protection industry: industrial abrasives, wine tanks, power plant sludge, dewatering of paper mill sludge, beer industry wastewater and steel smelting wastewater treatment.


2. Working principle of horizontal screw decanter centrifuge

The working principle of the horizontal screw decanter centrifugeis specifically: when the mixed liquid to be separated enters the centrifuge drum, the solid phase particles with a larger specific gravity in the mixed liquid are deposited on the rotating drum under the action of centrifugal force. On the inner wall, the solid phase particles are scraped off and exited from the slag discharge port by a spiral blade that moves relative to the drum, and the supernatant liquid obtained after the separation flows out of the drum through the opening of the raft, thereby achieving solid-liquid separation.


In this type of centrifuge, the relative movement between the screw and the drum is realized by a differential, the outer casing of the differential is connected to the drum, the output shaft is connected to the screw, and the input shaft and the secondary motor are connected. connection. Therefore, while the main motor electric drum rotates, it also drives the rotation of the differential housing, and drives the planetary gear to operate, and transmits the torque to the spiral according to a certain ratio, so as to achieve continuous separation of materials.


3. Working parameters of horizontal screw decanter centrifuge

Horizontal screw decanter centrifuge This kind of centrifuge has corresponding working parameters, and the user can determine the appropriate parameters according to the material properties of the suspension, the liquid phase and solid phase requirements after separation, and the processing capacity of the centrifuge. The value is to ensure that the centrifuge has good use and quality of work. In the specific working parameters, there are such parameters as the processing volume, the rotating drum speed, the difference between the rotating drum and the spiral, and the diameter of the overflow plate. After determining the appropriate value, the centrifuge can have a good separation effect. www.bscentrifuges.com