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Application of Oilfield Sludge Decanter Centrifuge

Mar 29, 2018

The oilfield sludge decanter centrifuge mainly uses the centrifugal sedimentation method to realize the separation and sedimentation of the oil field sludge. Compared with other similar equipment, the utility model has the advantages of wide application range, continuous operation, high automation degree, large production capacity, and unit output power consumption. Less and other advantages. In addition, the oil field sludge decanter centrifuge has a compact design, small footprint and easy maintenance.


Because of this, the oilfield sludge decanter centrifuge has developed rapidly in the market. What are the factors that affect its operation? The first is poor speed. Everyone should know that, in fact, the medium is different, so the settling speed is different, and the sludge flocculation effect is not the same. In general, the greater the differential speed, the faster the sludge is treated, the greater the amount of sludge that is treated, and the greater the liquid content. The shaft power will decrease and the separation effect will decrease, that is, the solid content in the filtered solution will increase. Because of the increased speed, it is actually used in agitated drums.


Secondly, it is necessary to reasonably control the rotating speed of the oil field sludge decanter centrifuge in order to achieve a more ideal separation effect. In general, the higher the rotation speed, the better the treatment effect of the equipment, the higher the sludge dehydration rate, the clearer the filtrate.


But at the same time, it should be noted that if the speed is too high, it will not only result in an increase in the shaft power of the oilfield sludge decanter centrifuge in the oil field, but it will also cause the solid material to be too late to be pushed out, and it will easily clog the screw conveyor. Therefore, according to the actual situation of production to determine the appropriate speed.


In order to make its operation more stable, it is also necessary to notice the amount of sludge treatment and the moisture content of the sludge. In fact, the amount of sludge treated by the sludge decanter centrifuge and the effect of the exported mud cake are important indicators of its working performance. In addition, the solids content of the scum at the inlet of a sludge decanter centrifuge has certain requirements, which cannot be too high under normal circumstances.