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Application of screw sludge dewatering machine

Jan 15, 2018

Sludge treatment process has been widely adopted around the country, but because of the different conditions, the specific circumstances are different, so the use of equipment will be different. As a part of the sludge treatment process, sludge dewatering with screw sludge dewatering machine to complete the effect what would happen?


A typical sludge treatment process includes four treatment stages. The first is sludge concentration. The main purpose is to reduce the initial sludge volume and reduce the volume or equipment capacity of the subsequent treatment structure. The sludge is then digested and the sludge in the sludge Organic matter decomposition; followed by sludge dewatering, that is, through the screw sludge dewatering machine to further reduce the sludge; followed by sludge disposal, using some way to the final sludge to be absorbed.


After the screw sludge dewatering machine processing, making the volume of sludge reduced to one-tenth of the original, and from liquid into solid, easy to transport and consumption. At the same time, the organic content in the sludge is also decomposed and transformed, which is not easy to be corrupted, the odor is greatly reduced, and it is convenient for transportation and disposal.


Sludge, especially the primary sediment sludge, contains a large number of pathogens, parasite eggs and viruses, easily lead to large-scale spread of infectious diseases. However, due to the treatment of screw sludge dewatering machine, it can effectively kill most of the mating eggs, pathogenic bacteria and viruses and greatly improve the hygienic index of sludge.


As we all know, sludge is a resource, which contains not only a lot of heat, but also rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, is a fertilizer with higher fertilizer efficiency. After the screw sludge dewatering machine dehydration, organic matter can be converted into biogas, so that the heat can be used at the same time can also further improve its fertilizer efficiency.