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Application of solid-liquid separation decanter centrifuge

Dec 23, 2017

Solid-liquid separation Centrifugal centrifuge in the use of its solid-liquid separation is a very important unit operation, in the process of operation will be effective in removing solids from the liquid phase commonly used sieve or precipitation method. Solid-liquid separation sedimentation centrifuge in light industry, pharmaceutical, mining, chemical, energy, environmental protection, metallurgy and other fields for a wide range of use.

Solid-liquid separation decanter centrifuge in many production processes, filtration and separation mechanism which is one of key devices which use a centrifugal force field in a heterogeneous object-based separation technique called centrifugation. Centrifugal separation equipment by whether the rotating parts can be divided into the fuselage fixed rotary flow separation device and the body of the centrifuge centrifugal separation equipment (also known as centrifuges). The former cyclone separator (also known as cyclones), the fluid rotates within the fixed body to generate a centrifugal force field; the latter such as various centrifuge decanter centrifuge or filtration, driven by the rotation of the internal body fluids as swing Exercise and produce centrifugal force field.

Carrying out solid-liquid separation using the decanter centrifuge and the different drum filter neither hole nor the filter, when the decanter centrifuge work, the drum rotated at high speed with the suspension, because the solid-liquid two-phase Centrifugal inertia force is also different, centrifugal force of large solid particles deposited on the inner wall of the drum, the liquid deposition in the inner layer, and then discharged from a different outlet, so that solid-liquid two-phase separation. Centrifugal centrifuge speed is generally higher, between 7000rpm-8000rpm, suitable for smaller solid particles (d <10μm) suspension.

The solid-liquid separation decanter centrifuge has no holes in the running drum. During high-speed operation of the equipment, there is a feeding screw in the drum which is concentrically installed with the drum. The rotation direction and the drum of the feeding screw are the same , But there is a difference in rotational speed generated by the differential drive system. After the suspension enters the drum, most of the solid particles settle to the inner wall under centrifugal force, and then are pushed out from the small end by the conveying screw. The clarified liquid is discharged from the overflow port at the other end of the drum. Equipment can be automatically continuous operation, easy maintenance, a wide range of applications.