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Application range and material conveying requirements of fruit juice centrifuge separator

Aug 21, 2019

The fruit juice centrifuge separator is mainly composed of a spiral blade propeller, a bearing, a frame, an electric control box, a two-speed motor, etc., which can advance the material forward, and can pulverize and decompose the material to separate the juice and the core. In addition, the use of two-speed motor not only increases the juice yield of egg and fruit to about 48% (it is the limit of juice yield), but also expands the scope of application. It is widely used in egg-core, non-nuclear, vegetable or nuclear edible fruit, Tomatoes, guava, oranges, pineapples, red dates, carrots, aloe vera, etc. are separated or beaten, which has high work efficiency and can be processed instead of a general-purpose press.


The juice centrifuge is suitable for the separation of fresh grape juice after treatment by the grape stem crusher, and is one of the preferred equipment for large juice or fruit wine production enterprises. The juice centrifuge is a mobile juice separator. It consists of a frame, a transmission system, a feeding part, a press section, a hydraulic system and a shroud, and an electrical control part. The spiral is driven by the motor through the gear reduction box. The material is conveyed by the spiral conveying to separate the juice and pulp from the material, and the separated material is blocked by the slag column at the exit blocking door, thereby achieving the purpose of press separation. The middle part of the body is provided with a feeding box, and the material to be pressed is sent into the box, and the juice separated by the spiral extrusion flows through the sieve tube into the juice tray, and then flows out of the juice tube into the juice tank and is input into the fermentation by the wine pump. In the tank, the extruded material is discharged into the press through the outlet at the end of the screen cylinder.