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Automatic decanter centrifuge works

Feb 03, 2018

Automatic decanter centrifuge belongs to a new horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge. In the case of normal operation, the automatic decanter centrifuge mainly utilizes the difference in specific gravity between the solid phase and the liquid phase and enlarges it by several thousand times depending on the centrifugal force field. So the solid phase among them is subsided under the action of centrifugal force so as to realize the solid-liquid separation, and respectively discharge the body under the action of the special mechanism.


And in practical applications, automatic decanter centrifuge also showed obvious advantages. In the process of using the device for solid-liquid separation, the user does not need to worry about the blocking problem caused by the solid particles, and can ensure good separation effect. In addition, using the principle of centrifugal sedimentation, it is also possible to separate solid particles with a small particle size from the liquid phase.


Next, we briefly introduce the working principle of this equipment, hoping to help everyone. When we add the suspension to be processed to the automatic decanter centrifuge, the suspension in the drum forms a cyclic liquid layer under the action of centrifugal force, and the solid particles settle on the drum wall to form sediment. The clarified liquid through the drum overflow pipe or pipette discharge, said the separation liquid.


Compared with other similar equipment, in fact, the application of automatic decanter centrifuge is more extensive. In the use of the device, which often also equipped with a clear chamber, cone and slag mouth switch device. Liquid chamber from the conical bottom and the cylinder connected to form an annular groove, with a clear liquid outlet pipe. High-speed water was spiral splash into the shell into the clear liquid chamber.


For example, in our solid-liquid separation operation, during the high-speed operation of the automatic settling centrifuge, the conical cylinder is aligned with the reflux opening so that due to the existence of the gap between the upper feeding pipe and the dispersion liquid pan, The backflow liquid on the outer wall of the feeding tube and the friction between the liquid and the gas collide with the collision between the feeding material and the dispersing liquid plate and form a droplet which is collected by the cone tube and then flows into the liquid droplet tank of the automatic decanter centrifuge.