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Automatic sludge dewatering machine for chemical industry wastewater treatment process

Mar 05, 2018

With its own advantages, automatic sludge dewatering machine has become one of the major equipment in the field of chemical industry wastewater treatment. It can effectively remove the harmful components in chemical wastewater and achieve the purpose of purifying water quality. Then automatic sludge dewatering machine is how to deal with chemical industrial wastewater?


To know that the chemical industry wastewater is mainly from the production of waste water discharged from the petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, acid-base industry, fertilizer industry, plastic industry, pharmaceutical industry, dye industry, rubber industry, etc., it must be controlled to reduce the surrounding Environmental pollution.


Chemical waste water pollution prevention and control of the main measures not only to reform the production process and equipment, reduce pollutants, to prevent the efflux of waste water for comprehensive utilization and recovery; but also efflux of waste water, its treatment should be based on water quality and requirements of choice.


The emergence of automatic sludge dewatering machine has played a significant role in this regard, first through the water quality and water regulation, natural precipitation, floating and oil separation methods such as separation of suspended solids in water, colloidal, slick or heavy oil; and then Biological treatment method to remove available biodegradable organic wastewater and partial colloids in wastewater to reduce the biochemical oxygen demand in wastewater and part of the chemical oxygen demand.


After the biological treatment of wastewater, but also a considerable amount of residual COD, and sometimes have a higher color, smell, taste, or due to high environmental hygiene standards, you need to use three levels of further purification, the purpose is to remove wastewater Biodegradable organic pollutants and dissolved inorganic pollutants.