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Before using the decanter centrifuge

Jun 20, 2017

With the increasing emphasis on the human environment, decanter centrifuge also gradually into the human eye, and the use of decanter before the centrifuge what precautions? Today, Bishun and you mainly talk about.

    Operators should first read the instructions and the relevant technical information, familiar with the work of the machine performance and operating essentials, in strict accordance with the procedures of operation, the relevant precautions are as follows:


two Phase Decanter Centrifuge

1. Before starting:
A. Check the electrical system and control system.
B. Check the setting of the process indicators and the status of the process valve
C. Check the system related to the machine.
D. Check the appearance of the host and its surroundings are abnormal.
E. Manual trains 1-2 turn, check for unusual circumstances.
F. Check the triangular belt is normal.
2. boot:
A. Confirm the operation button to start the host.
B. After the machine is running normally, fill the water for 5 minutes, turn off the water valve, and then open the feed valve, gradually increase the amount of feed to normal.
C. observe whether the host is running smoothly, whether the control system is normal, the effect is satisfactory, the instrument shows whether the normal, to confirm whether the success of the boot.
3. Run:
A. Check the parts of the machine every half hour.
B. deal with abnormal incidents in a timely manner, make a good run record.
C. Control the best operating power.
D. When the load is running, the main bearing temperature should not be greater than 75 and the temperature rise should not be greater than 40 ° C. The temperature of the differential should not be greater than 70 ° C, the temperature rise should not be greater than 40 ° C; noise (sound power level) should not be greater than 90Db (A); vibration cracking should not be greater than 11.2mm / s.
4. Shut down:
A. Gradually reduce the feed until the feed is stopped.
B. Into the water rinse about 15 minutes to the slag out of the liquid.
C. stop host:
D. stop other auxiliary systems.
E. confirm whether the shutdown is successful.
F. Detailed records of downtime, reasons for downtime and other necessary conditions.
G. If the ambient temperature below 0 ℃ downtime, but also for antifreeze work.


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