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Causes of high-speed centrifuge motor heating

Mar 10, 2020

High-speed centrifuges are small tube centrifuges that can be applied to occupations such as campuses, laboratories, research institutes, etc., and are a kind of separate machine with higher elements. It is mainly used to separate various suspensions that are difficult and have a small solid content. Suitable for solid-liquid with low concentration, small particles, high viscosity and small difference in specific gravity between the two media.

Causes of high-speed centrifuge motor heating:
1. It may be that the speed of the high-speed centrifuge is fast, which causes its motor to easily generate heat. If you feel that the motor of the high-speed centrifuge is hot, you must pay attention to the operation of the centrifuge. This is most likely related to the heating of the motor bearing.

2. Centrifugal overload or overload, maybe there is a problem with the cooling fan, and the heat generated by the mechanical conflict. It is possible that the bearing of the centrifuge is not genuine, so users must choose authentic genuine bearings. Some brands have different origins and quality. May be different.

3. Pay attention to the smoothness of the machine and choose a good high-temperature lithium-based grease. The quality of the lithium-based grease is also the main reason for bearing heating.

4. It is very important that the concentricity of the main shaft of the centrifuge is accurate. In general, no attention is paid to the concentricity. A large tendency of the concentricity of the main shaft will cause bearing heating.

The above are some of the reasons for the heat of the centrifuge motor. There are also some secondary reasons. If the user does not pay attention to the balance during use, it will cause the motor to heat. Therefore, in addition to choosing a good centrifuge, you should also pay attention to the usual habits.