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Centrifugal pressure and suspension density in petroleum refining centrifugal separator

Mar 16, 2018

The main principle of the petroleum refining centrifugal separator in the process of its work is centrifugal sedimentation and centrifugal filtration. The centrifugal filtration of the oil refining centrifuge is the centrifugal pressure generated by the suspension under the centrifugal force field, to a certain extent. The main role in the filter media.

The petroleum refining centrifugal separator will make the liquid pass through the filter medium to a filtrate to a certain extent, and the solid particles will be trapped on the surface of the filter medium to a certain extent, so that the liquid-solid separation effect can be effectively achieved to some extent. .

Centrifugal sedimentation in petroleum refining centrifugal separators is mainly based on the principle of rapid sedimentation and delamination of various components in the centrifugal force field by utilizing the density of their suspensions, so that they can be effectively realized to a certain degree. Liquid-liquid separation.

The factor of separation when measuring the separation performance of a centrifugal separator by an oil refining centrifuge is, to a certain extent, mainly the ratio of the centrifugal force and the gravity received by the separated material in the rotary drum, and the separation of the industrial centrifugal separator. The factor is generally 100 to 20000, and the separation factor of the overspeed tube separator can be as high as 62,000.

The petroleum refining centrifugal separation machine can effectively select the size and concentration of solid particles in its suspension, the density difference between solid and liquid (or two liquids), the viscosity of liquid, the characteristics of filter residue (or sludge), and The requirements for separation are comprehensively analyzed to meet the requirements for the moisture content of the filter residue (dregs) and the clarification degree of the filtrate (separation fluid). The type of centrifuge used is initially selected.