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Centrifugal Sludge Dewatering Machine Normal Production Inspection and Abnormal Treatment

Aug 17, 2017

First of all, the normal production of centrifugal sludge dewatering machine, when it is in the main screen, we actually have to pay attention to check the motor current and its speed and differential is not stable, centrifugal sludge dehydration Machine flow display is not stable, and to see if the torque is not between 35 - 50% of the smooth changes (certain to be timely to adjust the difference to stay in this range).

In the centrifugal sludge dewatering machine temperature and vibration of the screen, we should pay attention to check its solid phase and liquid phase temperature, there will be the vibration display is not normal, then we actually have to pay attention to the scene check About the shaftless screw and its belt conveyor is not normal to run, look at the touch of the machine is not violent vibration; pay attention to check the machine at both ends of the oil is not oil or drip phenomenon, observe the cooling water pipe Is not there will be leaking phenomenon, pay attention to look at the water pressure is not normal, boot time, must always ensure that the cooling water will not stop.

centrifugal sludge dewatering machine

Site on the centrifugal sludge dewatering machine normal inspection, in fact, it will include the water quality of the inspection, we have to look at the quality of mud cake; and to check the various pump, mud pump, sludge crusher, and that is its Diving mixer and the water pump is not normal; look at the sludge which is the tank and the pool level is not in the specified range, check the sludge out of the condensate pool is not normal.

On the centrifugal sludge dewatering machine abnormalities and its treatment, first of all, when the torque reaches 70% of the time, we actually have to pay attention to should be immediately press Prod / H2O Stop, this health indicator light, we also It is necessary to end the production, the machine will automatically stop into the mud and medicine, the torque will gradually decrease, when the torque dropped to the normal range, we actually have to pay attention to is to press Prod / H2O Start, Health indicator light, the machine will be directly into the normal state of production, can be normal into the mud and its medicine.

In the face of centrifugal sludge dewatering machine when the water turbidity, we should actually pay attention to reduce the amount of mud into the water on the relatively clear, but in its large degree of performance of a large number of sticky foam when we actually It is necessary to increase the amount of mud into the appropriate increase or reduce the amount of medicine. When the centrifugal sludge dewatering machine is abnormally sound or dangerous, we need to immediately stop the operation of the dehumidifier. In the event of an alarm phenomenon and there is no way to exclude the failure, you need to immediately notify the electrician or professional staff to exclude.

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