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Centrifugal sludge dewatering machine treats sludge dewatering effect in steel industry

Jun 08, 2018

With the continuous strengthening of the environmental protection requirements of the country, wastewater treatment in the steel industry is no longer a simple issue. And in the entire design work, we must strictly control the quality and standards of each process. In recent years, many users have started using a sludge dewatering machine to treat sludge dewatering in the steel industry. How about specific effects?


First of all, in the steel industry, sludge produced by it has different characteristics. Normally, sludge has a high moisture content in the sludge pool. To achieve solid-liquid separation, mechanical dewatering must be used. In other words, the use of a centrifugal sludge dewatering machine can maximize the separation of the moisture in the liquid sludge, so that the sludge becomes a plastic solid. The sludge at this time will be more convenient when it is shipped and processed.


We know that after the dewatering treatment of a centrifugal sludge dewatering machine, the volume of sludge can be greatly reduced. On the one hand, it reduces the pollution to the environment, and on the other hand, it can create extremely favorable conditions for the comprehensive utilization of sludge resources. In fact, in the steel industry, more and more dewatering equipments have been used as the main machine at present, thereby avoiding the disadvantages of the traditional process using belt filter presses and frame filter presses.


Taken together, the use of a centrifugal sludge dewatering machine can not only effectively prevent the problem of over-emission of exhaust gas during sludge treatment, but also has the problem of excess flow of sewage, non-landing of sludge, high degree of automation, low wearing parts, and drug consumption. Small, convenient for continuous operation, low operating cost and other advantages. Moreover, due to the particularity of sludge in the steel industry, sludge dewatering using this equipment has been on the rise.


In fact, the centrifugal sludge dewatering machine not only has a high level of automation, but also improves the on-site operation environment while ensuring the quality of the treatment. And when operating the centrifuge sludge dewatering machine, it is more convenient for its maintenance and operation, effectively reducing the cost of use.