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Centrifuge in the field of high-end medicine

Jun 08, 2017

In recent years, the domestic pharmaceutical machinery industry market demand gradually shifted to high-end equipment, the centrifuge industry is also moving towards this trend. In the case of slow growth in the total market, high-precision, intelligent centrifuge market share gradually increased, the proportion of high-end products in total consumption rose to more than 60%, the entire industry is to high-speed, precision, intelligence and green direction development of.

In the energy equipment and other important industries under the support of the domestic centrifuge industry, industrial structure and product structure has emerged some promising development trends: such as production line manufacturing technology and application areas made new progress; as a wide range of manufacturing equipment One of the main models, the processing center in the function of the compound development, in the performance to the high-speed, precision development; high-end equipment into the micro-nano era; intelligent technology is widely used; environmentally friendly pharmaceutical industry rapid development, Manufacturing and industrial automation of key technologies and important products. But have to say, at present, the centrifuge industry, part of the industrial base is not stable or the industry is not yet mature, which is mainly reflected in China's industry there are unreasonable structure, industrial decentralization, technology is not high and other issues, that is, Machine industry also belongs to the rising industry, but also takes a long time to develop, in order to constantly improve themselves.

Domestic high-end products are still mainly rely on imports, domestic brands market share is still very low, it can be said that high-precision pharmaceutical equipment will be the industry's development trend.

Therefore, the centrifuge industry should be with the development trend of the pharmaceutical industry, continue to move forward in this direction, with quality advantage to replace the price advantage, take the high-end line. At the same time continue to improve the industry after-sales service, thus promoting the healthy development of the industry.