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Centrifuge installation requirements

Jun 08, 2017

1, before and after installation of equipment must pay attention to custody, pay attention to motor, electronic control device, hydraulic system moisture and all parts of the anti-corrosion, and pay attention to the protection of the outer surface of the machine.

2, the installation must pay attention to safety, so that the machine was damaged and damaged.

3, with the centrifuge adjacent to the installation of equipment and other devices and the centrifuge should be between the use and maintenance of space, in the centrifuge host around no less than 1 meter sidewalk. Centrifuge the top of the host must have 2 meters of assembly and repair space. In the electrical control cabinet, hydraulic system installation and positioning, must also be reserved for some disassembly and maintenance space, so as to avoid damage to the machine or abnormal circumstances when the maintenance.

4, electrical cabinet should be placed in a dry, ventilated and non-corrosive environment, and well ventilated.

The console should be installed next to the host for observation and operation.

5, the centrifuge must be installed level, the base plane for the plane on the platform, the basis of casting, according to the company to provide the basis of the map. The basis weight is about three times the weight of the machine, and the static load (the dynamic load is about 0.5 times the weight of the machine) when the machine is running, except for the static load of the machine.

6, the machine is generally installed for the whole machine, not demolition, such as the demolition must be repairs, the need for technical personnel from the factory acceptance, acceptance before being put into use.

7, because the centrifuge in the operation of a slight vibration, so the pipe connected with the centrifuge (exhaust pipe, outlet pipe, etc.) must use a soft connection, the connection should ensure that the seal or insulation, should use three-phase power to prevent electric shock The accident happened.

8, the diameter of the external outlet pipe shall not be less than the centrifuge outlet nozzle diameter, shall not be blocked, and should be lower than the height of the outlet, so that the liquid flow.