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Centrifuge is the preferred equipment for sludge dewatering

Jun 08, 2017

China from the introduction of decanter centrifuge to use to create their own, has gone through about 50 years. And really engaged in decanter centrifuge scale research and development and manufacturing, but only ten years time. In recent years, with the progress of industry and living standards, people on the importance of decanter centrifuge awareness more and more in-depth, the use of more widely. Decanter centrifuge manufacturing enterprises from the original several to dozens, turned nearly twenty times, many companies belong to twenty or thirty people or even less family-style workshop.

Want to decanter centrifuge separation effect to achieve the best condition you have to choose the appropriate screen, the current market appears on the screen type can be divided into these three types: braid, punching plate and shear corrosion network. The cost of braided wire is very low, so its surface is not smooth, although the leakage of material is relatively small, but it is easy to plug the mesh, you need to rinse with water before they can continue to use, but if the assembly is appropriate and lying Screw centrifuge with the use or can be wondered the ideal separation effect.

Knowing the structure of the decanter centrifuge must know that the dispenser is in the spiral of the cloth cavity, can guide the material gently through the spiral feed port, which play a role in reducing the impact of liquid. So we can gently on the material to accelerate the circumference, so that the material flow becomes more smooth and change the flow, so to improve the acceleration efficiency of the centrifuge is more favorable.

But the disadvantage is that the processing of such a network of tools in the manufacture of very difficult, and the useful life of this tool is very short. However, the cost of this kind of net is very low, but the separation effect is good, more suitable for mass production. Finally, the shear corrosion network, the type of network separation effect is particularly good, the distance between the mesh is not affected by the thickness of the plate, and the tool life is long, but the cost of manufacturing costs higher than the other board A lot of it's corrosive liquid is no way to recover.

Horizontal spiral propulsion centrifuge Centrifugal centrifuge, is currently in the food, medicine, chemical and other occupational and wastewater disposal and other areas widely used, aspiring solid-liquid one of the equipment. The working speed of the drum is directly determined by the factor, and the spiral speed difference directly affects the solids moisture content that is transported outside the drum. Drum front planning has a cone, according to the nature of the material is not the same, according to the set speed of high-speed rotation, the material in the drum wall to the planned speed of rotation, along the drum shell constitutes a concentric layer, called liquid ring Floor.

Centrifuge is the board and frame filter press and belt filter press, another generation of new advanced sludge dewatering equipment, in foreign countries has long been the preferred equipment for sludge dewatering. It has a unique advantage over tape machines.