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Centrifuge maintenance and precautions

Apr 22, 2019

1. The installation of the centrifuge should be placed according to the performance of the centrifuge. The general low-speed centrifuge can be placed on a stable and sturdy table. The base is equipped with rubber feet, with the help of atmospheric pressure and the instrument itself. Weight, close to the table;


2. Large-capacity low-speed centrifuges and high-speed centrifuges and high-speed refrigerated centrifuges should be placed on a solid ground and placed horizontally. Before selecting a suitable rotor centrifuge, the load should be balanced. The smaller the weight error, the better. Otherwise, it will cause severe vibration and damage the centrifugal rotor and the shaft.


3, the centrifuge bracket centrifuge separation bracket must be placed after the centrifuge tube operation, it is strictly prohibited to run empty frame.