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Centrifuge performance for the food industry

Jan 08, 2018

Speaking of food industry-specific centrifuge products, which will be the need to deal with the different density of fluid directly through the feed inlet into the centrifuge for the food industry among them, and in the centrifugal force, that is, will make Fluids on different densities (equivalent diameter to solid phase particles ≥ 3 um, two phase content ratio: ≥ 0.5%, difference in two phase densities: 0.05 g / cm3) form concentric cylinders in the drum.


And on the food industry-specific centrifuge on the relative density of the object that is directly sink to the drum wall above, and deposition in the drum wall above the object that is by the screw conveyor directly to the cone dehydration Squeeze the end, this time, that is, discharged from the slag outlet.


Then, the biggest feature of this type of centrifuge for food industry equipment, its structure is relatively compact, followed by its relatively small size, to achieve automatic continuous operation, then speaking, we actually have to pay attention to Its handling capacity is large at the same time, its own range of applications is also very wide, on the application and production of food industry-specific centrifuge has been applied to more than 500 different materials separation, dehydration, classification and clarification .


In addition, the technical performance of centrifuge for the food industry, because of its spiral is used in the patented structural design, will increase the squeeze pressure inside the spiral, so to speak, that is, its own output of water content greatly Reduce, in this case, to a large extent, that is, to ensure that the product itself constant dryness.


Finally, in the case of this spiral for centrifuges in the food industry, we actually note that to a large extent it is possible to improve its own slagging conditions, in which case it is possible to ensure slagging On the smoothness, and on the food industry-specific centrifuge equipment will not appear in the operation of blocking material, can adapt to different types of components of the product dehydration.