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Characteristics and application advantages of continuous screw press

Nov 19, 2018

The continuous screw press can work continuously for a long time. It adopts four-column guide, which is stable in operation and balanced in pressure. The whole machine is controlled by microcomputer and is easy to operate. And can complete multiple actions, a multi-purpose machine. The hydraulic system components are stable and reliable in quality and long in service life. So in practical applications, how is its advantage reflected?


First of all, the continuous screw press has higher working efficiency, greatly improving the production assembly efficiency and saving labor. Secondly, it effectively reduces production costs, and can implement unattended monitoring according to customer site requirements, which not only saves labor costs but also improves production assembly efficiency.


Furthermore, the products made by the continuous screw press are of good quality and have been recognized by the majority of users. The machine is very intelligent, continuous feeding, with constant torque, can choose to provide counting function, anti-leakage function. Moreover, the two stations are automatically connected, and the automatic line design can be adopted. It is not necessary to manually transfer the workpiece, the workpiece is automatically placed in place, and the screw is automatically tightened to automatically enter the next process.