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Characteristics of three-phase separation centrifuge and its application range

Oct 10, 2018

The three-phase separation centrifuge is used for three-phase separation centrifuge, and the liquids of different weights and one-phase solids can be separated at the same time, wherein the solids have the heaviest specific gravity, and the liquid phase has different densities to ensure separation processing. Phase is the most important phase. The biggest difference from a two-phase centrifuge is the separation of its two-phase liquid.


The three-phase separation centrifuge uses an adjustable pump impeller to discharge heavy phase liquid, and the light phase liquid is discharged by gravity; the adjustable impeller realizes on-line adjustment of the depth of the liquid pool and the liquid-liquid separation interface, and the device can achieve the clarity of the liquid. Best, you can also save downstream equipment.


The three-phase separation centrifuge has a wide range of models and can be used in small-scale pilot plants as well as in commercial and industrial production with throughputs up to 80 m3/h. Specifically, it includes oil sludge treatment in waste oil pools; recovery and treatment of animal and vegetable fats and oils, and separation of wheat starch and gluten from starch plants.