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Common faults in centrifuges

May 10, 2019

A drop in vacuum is a common failure. For high-speed, ultracentrifuges, most of them are equipped with a vacuum device, in order to make the centrifugal chamber in a medium or high vacuum state during operation, reducing friction on the rotor and making it stable. When the vacuum is lowered or the vacuum is not good, check the vacuum system. Generally, the oil is replaced and the vacuum is restored. In addition, in small or desktop centrifuges, it is often forgotten that the rotor placed in the centrifuge chamber is removed, and the rotor will be stuck on the shaft for a long time. Can not be struck hard, this will damage the centrifugal shaft, causing the shaft to twist, which will damage the centrifuge and even accidents. If necessary, you can ask a professional engineer to take it out. During the operation of the high speed and ultracentrifuge, there is a fault indication on the panel, and the fault can be handled for the corresponding fault prompt.


In addition, the centrifuge will not work. For high-speed, ultra-speed centrifuges, see if the centrifugal conditions are properly selected, check the sensing part, control system and display unit, etc., and check the steps to find out the cause. For small or desktop centrifuges, people often forget to keep the rotor in the centrifuge chamber. After a long time, the rotor will be stuck on the shaft. In order to remove the rotor, it must be struck hard, which will seriously damage the centrifugal shaft. , causing the shaft to twist, can not recover, and even damage the centrifuge.


Proper operation and reasonable maintenance are the key to ensure the normal operation of the instrument and extend the service life of the instrument. Centrifuges with superior performance must be properly operated and routinely maintained. If you can carefully maintain the centrifuge, observe the operating status, listen to the sound, regularly diagnose, and timely treatment, you can reduce the failure rate, extend the service life, and maximize the efficiency of the centrifuge.