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Concentration system and dehydration process of volute dewvatering screw press

Apr 09, 2018

The dewatering effect of the superfluous volute dewatering screw press is directly related to the concentrating system. It only needs to put the flocculated sludge into the fine wire mesh inside the separating drum, and then it can filter the free liquid of the liquid under the action of the centrifugal screening machine. , so as to achieve a reduced sludge concentration function.


Through such a filtering method, not only the processing capacity and operation time of the volute dewatering screw press are improved, but also the separated sludge is separated, the high permeability load of the filter cloth can be reduced, and the mud cake structure is stable without flow. Or lateral overflow occurs.


The adjustable clamp of the superfluous volute dewatering screw press adopts elasticity to automatically adjust and naturally balance the inflation pressure during the dewatering of the sludge, thus more effectively ensuring the service life of the ring die. The combination of spiral pressure and static and dynamic rings forms a separation and enrichment technology that integrates dewatering and dehydration, and achieves the purpose of not easily clogging the filter gap, thus contributing to the saving of industrial water.


During practical application, more attention should be paid to the cleaning and drying of the superfluous sludge dewatering machine, carefully adopting another filter through the wedge and anti-arc parts until the driving roller is in the slow mode, which will further help to obtain the ideal His dehydration effect.


Due to its small footprint, relatively light weight, low labor intensity, and high dewatering efficiency, the wastewater treatment plant began to use the superfluous sludge dewatering machine to replace the traditional mechanical dewatering technology, achieving high-efficiency treatment of sewage, and the treatment effect People are satisfied.