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Construction principle and performance advantages of screw sludge dewatering machine

Aug 09, 2018

The screw sludge dewatering machine uses the principle of screw extrusion, through the strong extrusion force generated by the screw diameter and pitch variation, and the small gap between the swimming ring and the fixed ring to realize the extrusion and dewatering of the sludge. A new type of solid-liquid separation equipment.


The main body is composed of a plurality of fixing rings and a swimming ring, and the screw shaft penetrates through the filtering device formed therein; the front part is a concentrating part, and the rear part is a dewatering part, and the sludge concentration and the pressing dewatering work are completed in one cylinder, The unique subtle filter mode replaces the traditional filter cloth and centrifugal filtration. The sludge is transported to the dehydration section after being concentrated by gravity in the enrichment section. During the advancement process, the internal pressure is greatly reduced as the filter joint and the pitch become smaller, and the back pressure plate is blocked, thereby achieving sufficient dehydration. the goal of.


The screw sludge dewatering machine adopts the unique dehydration principle, which makes the equipment suitable for high and low concentration sludge. The unique dynamic and static ring filter joint structure makes the equipment not easy to block, and it is not necessary to carry out a lot of cleaning to prevent the filter joint from clogging. Reduce the amount of water used for flushing, reduce the burden of internal circulation, and solve the troubles caused by the blockage of traditional dewatering equipment.


The integrated design of the screw sludge dewatering machine is compact and saves operating costs. The low-speed screw extrusion technology makes the power consumption greatly low; the equipment is not blocked, the flushing water is greatly reduced; the 24-hour automatic unmanned operation, the labor cost is greatly reduced. Therefore, the equipment has also become a new energy-saving and environmental protection equipment in line with national policies.