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Continuous solid-liquid separation centrifuge environmental value

Jan 06, 2018

In terms of horizontal centrifuge, which is an efficient continuous solid-liquid separation centrifuge equipment, because of the separation efficiency of the device itself has high efficiency and its handling capacity is great and many other advantages, and continuous solid-liquid separation Centrifuge equipment is concerned, to a large extent, it will be widely used in the settlement of industrial production, clarification, concentration and solid-liquid dehydration process areas, in view of this, it will create a comparison Good economic value and environmental social value.


Speaking of continuous solid-liquid separation centrifuge in the pollution control value. The first point, that is, to pay attention to the main source of sewage water, industrial wastewater and domestic sewage two major types of sewage treatment using this device, not only can control pollution far beyond the traditional pollution control mode, and, on its To a large extent, that is, can become a treasure, so the application of continuous solid-liquid separation centrifuge industry is also not surprising.


In addition, the continuous solid-liquid separation centrifuge used in domestic sewage treatment, into the urban sewage system of domestic sewage and industrial wastewater these urban sewage, together for pretreatment is through this device to carry out solid-liquid separation, Then, the separation of fertilizers and standard water that is convenient for transportation can turn waste into treasure and reduce pollution. At this time, the cost of municipal sewage treatment can be greatly reduced and the efficiency of the treatment can be improved .


Continuous type solid-liquid separation centrifuges, which are used in industrial wastewater treatment, are more suitable for this equipment due to the high pollution of industrial waste water and their higher recovery value.


According to different common processing industries have metallurgical wastewater, textile wastewater and paper-making wastewater and tannery wastewater, and, on the other hand, the beverage plant wastewater, textile printing and dyeing wastewater treatment plant that is, will use continuous solid-liquid separation Centrifuge. And compared with the traditional way of "water treatment", continuous type solid-liquid separation centrifuges have high water treatment efficiency and high water treatment value.