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Control system and manufacturing requirements for horizontal screw discharge centrifuge

Jul 11, 2018

The main components such as the rotating drum of the horizontal screw discharge centrifuge are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The conveying screw of the equipment is made of special anti-wear measures. It can spray-weld hard alloy protective layer or insert hard alloy. Resistant to film, large aspect ratio, high speed. The drum cone structure has various angles.

The horizontal screw discharge centrifuge can directly select the cycloidal pinwheel, planetary gear or hydraulic differential with heavy load and large transmission ratio to some extent, and the microcomputer and the differential speed and torque can be automatically adjusted with the change of material concentration and flow rate. system.

The horizontal screw discharge centrifuge adopts two AC variable frequency motors, and the two inverters respectively drive the drum and the screw, and adjust the differential speed by adjusting the speed of the secondary motor. In addition, the differential speed automatic control function is added, and a hydraulic motor (inverter) with an independent hydraulic pump drives the screw to adjust the differential speed by adjusting the flow rate of the hydraulic pump. The differential speed can be adjusted automatically according to the push load.