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Corrosion resistance and design requirements of centrifuges for mud treatment

Dec 27, 2018

The centrifuge is highly adaptable to the mud treatment. In the design, the special requirements of the material and the process for the centrifuge are fully considered, and the optimization design of the special function and the adjustment of the main functional components is implemented. As long as the user explains the location of the installation, the physical and chemical properties of the treated materials, and the process requirements before the purchase, we will provide the most suitable model for the user.


The centrifuge is used for mud processing with stable operation and low noise. The main differential used in the equipment is the two-stage involute planetary gear differential. It adopts the unique low oil level operation technology of the factory, and the working temperature is low. High torque, reliable performance and low noise during normal operation.


The centrifuge has good corrosion resistance for mud treatment. The parts of the centrifuge drum, spiral body, hood and other materials that are in contact with the material are made of high quality stainless steel, which has sufficient acid and alkali resistance, and the screw push surface and the drum The material slag removal port has advanced wear-resisting treatment to ensure the service life of the machine.