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Decanter centrifuge alarm causes

Jun 08, 2017

In the decanter centrifuge inside the installation of the alarm, so that both can ensure that the equipment can work in the normal state, once there is an unusual situation, then it is the alarm is sounded, so that we can promptly solve the problem, then For the decanter centrifuge alarm, it is the main reason for the alarm caused by what, the following we come together to see the specific situation.First, we are running in the process of decanter centrifuge, If it is too much noise, serious over the specified range, once higher than 5 mm per second vibration, this will lead to abnormal noise, then once it is identified by the alarm, so there will be alarm Of the phenomenon, then we have to adjust its vibration, to ensure that the quieter state, so that it can be more normal to use. Second, in the course of the use, if the decanter centrifuge internal material clogging phenomenon, which would cause the device when in motion, the phenomenon of the card machine, which is a very serious situation, will lead decanters alarm phenomenon, which is very common reason.