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Decanter centrifuge for sludge and water treatment characteristics

Jan 04, 2018

Decanter centrifuge for sludge and water treatment on this equipment, made of steel, no filter, no filter cloth and other media, through the principle of centrifugal separation, making the solid phase can quickly settle, this time is Can achieve the ideal separation state.


Centrifugal centrifuge used in sludge and water treatment, even with a sticky substance will not affect its use; Because the mud water concentration is relatively high, the mass ratio, the centrifuge in the range of the inherent drum volume, Motive energy can be carried within the range, it will not affect its normal operation.


Decanter centrifuge features, with a belt filter automation, in terms of its dosing process speaking, to a large extent, it is more convenient than the belt filter, the amount is relatively small, due to Centrifuge in the process of dehydration, it is not necessary to dosing the entire process, there is no way to avoid the belt filter.


Centrifugal centrifuge in the application of the time, need to be clean and tidy, but also pay attention to itself is not spill, it will not run away, but the belt filter press in the initial use, the filter will not work There is too much problem, with the passage of time, the filter will be old damage, the filter will be too large, or part of the filter plugging, and finally the device that will require long-term cleaning.


However, as the sink centrifuge for sludge and water treatment, it is not required to clean unless there is no shutdown, long-term shelved do not need to centrifuge equipment for one to two minutes of cleaning will It's okay Decanter centrifuge volume is relatively small, but the treatment effect is relatively high.