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Decanter centrifuge installation location choice

Jul 07, 2017

When we bought a decanter centrifuge, we will consider the installation of decanter centrifuge where? Next, Bishop machinery to teach you.


Industrial Centrifuges

1. The top of the device must have a sufficient clearance height to lift the rotor from the hood with lifting equipment. Lifting equipment must be able to reliably control the center line of the hook to coincide with the machine centerline, which will facilitate assembly and disassembly without risk of damage to the mating surface.
2. You must leave enough clearance around the equipment to allow you to lower the rotor assembly or other parts during maintenance. At the same time, should also be left to remove and clean the drum screw space.
3. The equipment should generally be placed indoors, the feed side should be more than 1.5 meters from the wall for maintenance.
4. The lower part of the equipment must have sufficient space to install the solid-phase discharge device.
5. There should be space for the installation of the control box near the equipment.
6. There should be a repair channel around the equipment for service.


Solid Liquid Centrifuge

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