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Decanter centrifuge of the purchase skills

Jun 16, 2017

Decanter centrifuge, what is its full name? Called the horizontal spiral centrifuge, but in the purchase, the general will have what skills, the following, we follow Xiaobian together to understand it.


dewatering centrifuges

1. See how the centrifuge speed, the faster the speed, then the better the separation effect.
2. View the material how, mainly because of different material life is not the same, material afraid of acid, fear of chloride ions, so according to different materials to choose what kind of material is essential.
3. Check how poor speed control, the difference is too low will affect the expected material speed, different materials, different speed is also different. According to the material characteristics, customer satisfaction with the separation of the results. Commissioners on-site selection of reasonable difference speed.
4. To see how long the diameter ratio, the smaller the value, then the separation of the centrifuge worse, the deeper the solid separation, liquid separation of the higher the amount of residue.


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