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Decanter centrifuge seal

Jun 08, 2017

Decanter centrifuge seal directly affect the centrifugal effect, laboratory safety and centrifuge noise. Cavity cover (door), rotor cover and centrifuge tube cap are equipped with different thickness and size of the oil-resistant rubber O-ring, its role in the process of vacuum blocking the atmosphere of the channel, so that the container to maintain the required vacuum Or atmospheric pressure. Centrifuge centrifugal chamber door seal in the vacuum process, to prevent the outside air pressure into the cavity to maintain a certain height of the vacuum. The rotor cover and the action of the ring in the centrifuge tube are just the opposite, in order to isolate the vacuum intrusion in the centrifugal cavity, so that the pressure inside the centrifuge rotor and atmospheric pressure. If the rotor and cap seal is not good, the sample will spill, directly affect the experimental results, will also use the centrifuge tube and the rotor to form a negative pressure, so that the cap and rotor cover is difficult to open, we can see the important role of sealing.

Seal often sticky dust and other debris, we should always pay attention to timely wipe and apply vacuum grease. Rubber ring afraid of heat, can not heat, boiling disinfection will seal deformation and damage. Seal compression deformation under certain conditions can be restored, but still need to avoid excessive pressure. Once the centrifugal chamber seal seal is not good, the vacuum pump will take out a lot of oil mist, air mist is harmful to people's health.