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Decanter water treatment device and water treatment process

Jul 01, 2019

The decanter water treatment is one of the key mechanical devices in the water treatment process SBR process during the working process. The decanter device can be divided into mechanical type, siphon type, self-floating type, simple type and the like according to its structural form. At present, it is widely used in China. The rotary decanter equipment consists of a shovel, a branch pipe, a main pipe, a slewing support that can rotate 360°, a sliding support, a driving device, and an automatic control device.


When the decanter device is working, under the action of the driving device, the water sluice port is moved in the axial direction with the center line of the slewing support bottom of the decanter as the shifting circular motion. During this process, the supernatant in the SBR reaction tank will pass through the drowning water. The mouth of the mouth flows into the branch of the drowning water and is discharged through the main pipe of the drowning. After the drowning work is completed, the water jet sluice is moved in a circular motion with the center line of the slewing support at the bottom of the water purifier as the axial direction, so that the sluice gate is stopped at the standby position, and the water ingress, biochemical reaction, sedimentation and other processes are completed. Carry out the next drowning process.


The float of the decanter device adopts a floating design, which can keep the water depth at the water layer constant according to the constant change of the water level in the pool, and achieve the good effect of drowning. The main body of the equipment is operated without power. When the whole equipment is running, except for the electric valve installed in the discharge port, the other components do not use any power.