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Description of LW series Decanter centrifuge

Aug 07, 2019

The LW series Decanter centrifuge is a horizontal screw discharge and continuous operation settling device. The drum and the spiral run at a high speed with adjustable differential speed. The material is continuously fed into the screw ejector from the feeding tube, and then enters the slewing after acceleration. Drum, under the action of a centrifugal force plant, a heavier liquid phase or solid phase deposits on the drum wall. The liquid phase or solid phase object deposited by the screw ejector is continuously pushed to the cone end of the drum, and discharged through the slag discharge port, and the lighter liquid phase object continuously overflows the drum by the overflow end of the drum end. Exhaust from the machine through the drain.


The machine continuously feeds, separates, washes and discharges at full speed. It has the characteristics of compact structure, continuous operation, stable operation, strong adaptability, large production capacity and convenient maintenance. It is suitable for separating suspensions having a solid phase particle size greater than 0.005-5 mm and a concentration ranging from 5% to 40%. Widely used in chemical, light industry, environmental protection and other industries.