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Detection system and operation of fruit juice decanter centrifuge

Sep 10, 2018

Fruit juice decanter centrifuge should not be used to separate materials that are still toxic, corrosive, and radioactive. Read all of the requirements in the instructions before you prepare to install or operate the decanter centrifuge. Do not operate the centrifuge with a warning sign that is damaged or has no warning sign during operation.

The fruit juice decanter centrifuge cannot start the centrifuge when there is ice water, freezing or hard material in the drum during operation. Do not operate the centrifuge at the maximum speed of the drum indicated on the centrifuge nameplate and the maximum solids density as specified in the manual data sheet. Do not operate the centrifuge without a belt guard and other protective equipment.

Fruit juice decanter centrifuge require regular inspection of all automatic shut-off devices and inspection systems to ensure proper movement, failure to determine if the centrifuge is completely stopped, whether the mains is completely disconnected, and whether the main switch is disconnected and safely locked. In the case, please do not disassemble the centrifuge.

Do not operate the centrifuge when there are cracks, dents, voids or grooves in the drum, motor or support frame of the juice decanter centrifuge. Do not operate the centrifuge when the motor is running in the opposite direction to the direction of the arrow.