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Development trend and operation level of solid liquid separation centrifuge

Mar 19, 2018

The solid liquid separation centrifuge will effectively remove solids from the liquid phase during the process of operation, under normal circumstances it will effectively use its sieve or sedimentation method, solid-liquid separation centrifuge in light industry, chemical industry, energy, mining Metallurgy, environmental protection and other applications are very extensive.

The key of the filtration and separation mechanism in the solid liquid separation centrifuge is the level of its technical level in the process of operation, and its quality will, to a certain extent, directly affect the possibility of many processes to realize its industrial scale production. The advanced and reliable process, product quality, energy consumption, environmental protection and other economic and social benefits.

Solid-liquid separation centrifuge The centrifuge that effectively depends on its filter mesh and centrifugal force is its filter-type centrifuge. In operation, there will be many small holes on the drum wall, and there are filter nets in the hole. The liquid rotates in the drum. During the operation, the liquid phase is mainly thrown out of the screen by centrifugal force, and the solid phase particles are trapped by the screen to form a filter cake, thereby achieving solid-liquid separation.

The solid liquid separation centrifuge can run continuously at high speed during the operation, intermittently feeding and unloading. At the same time, it has a wide range of treatment and can handle coarse, medium and fine suspensions. However, the scraper is easy to wear and it is easy to produce impact.

Solid-liquid separation Centrifuges can be divided into rotating flow separation devices with fixed bodies and centrifugal separation devices (also known as centrifuges) with rotating bodies. The former, such as a cyclone separator (also known as a cyclone), rotates a fluid in a fixed body to produce a centrifugal force field; the latter, such as various decanter centrifuges or filter centrifuges, drives the internal fluid to swirl by a rotating fuselage The motion produces a centrifugal force field.