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Different types and characteristics of food decanter centrifuges

Aug 18, 2018

Food decanter centrifuges are mainly used in the field of food processing, which belongs to a new type of horizontal spiral unloading centrifuge. Food decanter centrifuges mainly use solid-liquid specific gravity difference, and rely on the centrifugal force field to expand several thousand times. The solid phase is settled under the action of centrifugal force to achieve solid-liquid separation, and is discharged under the action of special mechanisms. Body.


At present, in actual production, users can choose different types of food decanter centrifuges according to their actual conditions. At present, the equipment mainly includes three types, namely a screw discharge type centrifuge, a three-foot type settling centrifuge and a tube type centrifuge. Among them, the spiral unloading type centrifuge is divided into two types, the horizontal type and the horizontal type. However, horizontal type centrifuges are mostly used in the industrial field.


The main features of this type of food decanter centrifuge are: 1. High level of automation, continuous operation, long-term operation, easy maintenance; 2. Work under pressure and low temperature; 3. Single machine production capacity, It has strong applicability and wide application range. 4. High separation factor, large aspect ratio design of drum, and adjustable depth of drum liquid pool. For example, the equipment is commonly used for starch dehydration treatment.


The main form of this type of food decanter centrifuge equipment is divided into: a dewatering decanter centrifuge, the separation factor is generally less than 3,000, commonly used to deal with easy-to-separate materials. Its drum is tapered or cone-shaped, the drum diameter is relatively small, usually 1 to 2. The other is a clarification decanter centrifuge, the separation factor is generally greater than 3000, characterized by the drum was column - cone and double cone.


It should be noted that, from the perspective of practical application, food decanter centrifuges can be classified into two types: clarified and separated, depending on the materials to be separated. The separation type is used for solid-liquid separation, and the clarification type can be used for liquid-solid three-phase separation. In order to maintain continuous processing during production, two food decanter centrifuges are used interchangeably.