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Differential in decanter centrifuge and its three-phase application

Apr 19, 2019

Decanter centrifuge, which is one of the centrifuges, and is one of the main products of the website, and one of the website keywords. Therefore, based on the above reasons, the following will continue to introduce this kind of centrifuge, Let everyone have the content to learn, so as to enhance their understanding and understanding of the product.


1. Can the differential in the decanter centrifuge use a hydraulic differential?

The differential in the decanter centrifuge can use a hydraulic differential, and this is not a problem, and = we can understand that it is a variable displacement radial piston motor. As for the differential function, a constant differential speed is generated between the spiral and the rotating drum, so that the slag produced after the separation of the solution is discharged, and the clarified liquid flows out from the overflow.


2. What are the precautions for cleaning and cleaning the decanter centrifuge?

Horizontal centrifuge This kind of centrifuge is used for cleaning and cleaning. Generally speaking, its precautions mainly include: cleaning the supernatant return pipe in the centrifuge regularly, and regularly cleaning the mud screw pump. In addition, minimize the solids content of the supernatant in order to reduce the degree of wear of the centrifuge.


3. Is there a difference between the different specifications and models of the horizontal screw centrifuge? What is the main application of the three-phase decanter centrifuge?

The horizontal screw centrifuge has a very different difference between different specifications and models. Although its shape looks similar, the answer to the question is yes, that is, it is affirmative. The three-phase decanter centrifuge, its main application, is the separation between oil, liquid and solid, referred to as three-phase separation.